Model 38 Multi-layer Mold Numerical Control Pipe Bender
                                            Model 38 Multi-layer Mold Numerical Control Pipe Bender
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                                            This CNC pipe bender is applicable to the processing of metal pipe fittings with a diameter of less than 38mm. It is widely used in furniture, frame, hydraulic pipeline, hardware sanitary ware and other industries. It has the function of elbow + arc pushing, and can clamp and automatically form complex pipe fittings at one time. This machine usually adopts the way of robot cooperating with external automatic feeding rack to form an automatic bending workstation.

                                            Working Principle

                                            The model 38 multi-layer mold numerical control pipe bender adopts two power sources, servo motor and hydraulic pressure, to drive the equipment to realize high-speed and accurate digital control pipe bending.
                                            The disassembly actions of the machine include clamping, bending, core pulling, feeding, pipe turning, demoulding and mold changing.
                                            Action flow of full-automatic bending:
                                            1. Clamping pipe fittings (hydraulic drive, including two pipe clamping actions of main clamp and guide clamp);
                                            2. Elbow (driven by servo motor, elbow action is carried out through planetary /rv reducer and chain drive);
                                            3. Feeding (driven by servo motor, with planetary reducer and gear rack vice drive for pipe feeding and positioning);
                                            4. Feeding (driven by servo motor, the straight-line distance between the two bending angles is positioned during continuous bending);
                                            5. Rotating pipe (driven by servo motor, using planetary reducer and sprocket chain drive to rotate and position pipe fittings);
                                            6. Rotating pipe (driven by servo motor, the space angle between two bending arc planes is positioned during continuous bending);
                                            7. Demoulding (driven by servo motor to control the pipe fittings to be separated from / close to the bending wheel mold);
                                            8. Mold change (driven by servo motor, when installing multiple sets of bending molds at the same time, realize the switching between mold layers)
                                            9. Core pulling (hydraulic drive, used when bending thin-wall and small radius pipe fittings, can be closed);

                                            Equipment Characteristics

                                            Mitsubishi plc+ absolute value servo realizes full closed loop control
                                            In order to further improve the bending accuracy, the CNC pipe bending machine adopts Mitsubishi high-end series plc+ absolute value servo, and realizes the full closed-loop control of the precision engraving machine level through the control mode of EtherCAT communication, avoiding the accuracy loss caused by signal interference, pulse loss, origin loss and other reasons in the traditional control mode.
                                            Advantech host computer + independent pipe bending machine CNC system to realize the diversification of equipment functions
                                            Based on the Advantech host computer as the hardware carrier, the equipment independently developed the numerical control system of the pipe bending machine. In addition to the basic functions of the pipe bender, the CNC system also develops the functions of pipe fitting 3D graphics import self programming, pipe fitting 3D preview, dynamic machining simulation, remote diagnosis assistance and so on.
                                            Unlimited programming mode and diversified automatic workstation scalability
                                            The control system of this machine is designed with unrestricted self editing mode, which can edit any manual action into an automatic workflow, greatly improving the flexibility of equipment action. In addition, MES, robot, three coordinate and other interfaces are reserved to facilitate the extension and development of automatic workstation.
                                            Imported chain drive to give consideration to accuracy and service life
                                            The bending action of the CNC pipe bender is driven by servo motor, and the power is transmitted through precision reducer and imported chain. After long-term use of the equipment, the bending accuracy can be quickly restored by tightening the chain.
                                            Multi layer mold structure design to improve product compatibility
                                            Model 38 multi-layer die CNC pipe bender is designed as a multi-layer die structure, which can install multiple sets of dies at the same time, so as to be suitable for more complex pipe bending.
                                            Selection of high-quality accessories and manufacturing of precision parts
                                            The self-made parts of this machine are produced in strict accordance with the requirements of manufacturing materials and technology. The purchased parts are products of famous brands such as Taiwan and Japan to ensure the quality of the equipment.

                                            Video Presentation

                                            The bent pipe fittings in this video are 32mm single wheel trolley handles. The pipe fittings are made of iron. The pipe fittings have two bending radii. The equipment is installed with two sets of bending molds at the same time to complete the product bending at one time. The overall span of this pipe fitting is long. As can be seen from the video, the bending machine can accurately and stably complete the bending process through different positions and multi-stage speed control.

                                            Equipment Parameters




                                            Plc+ industrial computer




                                            MaxBending size


                                            Input mode

                                            Touch screen human-computer interactive input

                                            MaxBending Speed


                                            Working Pressure

                                            Max  14Mpa

                                            MaxBending Radius


                                            Equipment Size


                                            MaxFeeding Speed


                                            MaxRevolve Speed


                                            Application Scheme

                                            Automobile Manufacturing

                                            Furniture Manufacturing


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