425 Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine
                                            425 Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine
                                            Cutting Machine
                                            This machine adopts high-speed hacksaw blade to cut metal pipe fittings and profiles. The equipment can be programmed to perform precise sawing of pipe fittings of any length and size, with excellent cutting section smoothness and perpendicularity. This machine has the functions of automatic clamping, automatic feeding, automatic cutting and automatic circulating cooling. It can form an automatic cutting workstation by selecting an automatic feeding rack and a blanking conveyor belt.

                                            Working Principle

                                            425 automatic pipe cutting machine adopts electro-hydraulic combined drive equipment action. The clamping of pipe fittings and the feeding of saw blades are controlled by double oil circuit drive respectively to avoid unstable factors caused by pressure fluctuation. The length positioning of pipe fittings is realized by servo motor and ball screw drive.
                                            The equipment adopts precision grinding gear box head design, with stable cutting and low noise; Through four-stage speed adjustment, it can meet the cutting needs of different products.
                                            The disassembly actions of the machine include clamping, cutting, feeding and positioning, and tailing.
                                            Action purpose and principle of full-automatic pipe cutting machine:
                                            1. Clamping (hydraulic drive clamps the cutting workpiece);
                                            2. Cutting (hydraulic feed, cutting with high-speed hacksaw blade);
                                            3. Feeding positioning (driven by servo motor to control the sawing length);
                                            4. Pull tailings (hydraulic drive, which can realize the shortest tailless cutting).

                                            Equipment Characteristics

                                            Design of precision grinding gear box head
                                            425 automatic pipe cutting machine adopts full gear cutting head composed of precision grinding helical gear. The saw blade rotates smoothly and the force on unit tooth is uniform, which can effectively improve the cutting progress and the service life of the saw blade.
                                            Dual hydraulic system zoning control
                                            The machine is driven by dual hydraulic system, which controls the equipment action by zones, and separates the feed hydraulic circuit from the clamping and pulling actions, so as to prevent mutual interference when the actions are carried out at the same time, and the sawing is more stable.
                                            Mitsubishi plc+ self developed control system
                                            The automatic pipe cutting machine adopts the numerical control system independently developed by Mitsubishi plc+, which can realize the functions of fixed length programming cutting, variable length programming cutting and mixed length programming cutting, and is compatible with various operating conditions.
                                            Quick change mold design, convenient for flexible production
                                            The machine adopts a rapid die interface design, which can realize rapid disassembly and assembly of different dies, and immediate production can be achieved after minor adjustment.
                                            High and low four speed adjustment, wider applicability
                                            The speed of the machine is adjusted by two speed motors and two groups of synchronous wheels with different speed ratios, which can achieve four-stage speed change. It is applicable to a wider range of pipe material and wall thickness, and the speed adaptation is more accurate.
                                            Tail pulling function to reduce waste of head and tail
                                            This machine is designed with the function of pulling tailing. It can automatically start by matching the length of pipe fittings through the system. It can cut without tailing in the shortest time and reduce material waste.

                                            Video Presentation

                                            The pipe fittings sawn in this video are 60*2mm seamless steel pipes. The equipment will automatically feed and cut to length through program editing. The cut pipe section is smooth and free of burrs.

                                            Equipment Parameters



                                            Structural Style

                                            Left and right cross jaws + vertical feed




                                            MAXBlade Diameter




                                            MAXSingle Feeding Length


                                            Input mode

                                            Touch screen human-computer interactive input

                                            MaxFeeding Speed



                                            Max  7Mpa

                                            Cutting accuracy

                                            Length error: ± 0.2mm section perpendicularity: ± 0.2 °

                                            Equipment Size


                                            Equipment Parameters

                                            Automobile Manufacturing

                                            Furniture Manufacturing


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