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                                            Hydraulic pipeline elbow automation workstation

                                            The project is designed and manufactured by our company for a hydraulic pipeline enterprise in Suzhou. The customer needs a small elbow workstation with automatic feeding of hydraulic flange pipeline, full-automatic bending and orderly picking and placing.
                                            The technical difficulty of the project is that the rectangular flange and hexagonal joint of the pipe fittings are welded in advance. The pipe fittings need to complete the length positioning and the identification and positioning of the installation holes at the four corners of the flange on the automatic material preparation rack. Finally, the automatic bending can be carried out by the robot transplanting CNC pipe bender. After the bending is completed, the robot will carry it to the blanking rack for orderly placement.

                                            • Automatic elbow workstation
                                            • Automatic feeding pipe bender
                                            • CNC elbow pipe fittings

                                            Project process and configuration

                                            Project process route:
                                            Manually hoist the pipe fittings to the automatic material preparation rack;
                                            The automatic stock rack sorts the pipe fittings (take out a single pipe fitting);
                                            The automatic material preparation rack is used to locate the length of a single pipe fitting and identify and locate the flange mounting hole;
                                            The robot grabs the pipe fittings after positioning;
                                            The double claw design of the robot takes out the pipe fittings that have been bent by the pipe bender, and then moves the non bent pipe fittings to the gripper of the pipe bender;
                                            The CNC pipe bender works automatically to complete pipe bending.
                                            The robot carries the finished pipe fittings to the material rack for placement.
                                            The above is the process design process of the project. In the later stage, according to the customer's capacity demand and workpiece processing beat analysis, the customer is equipped with a combination of 2 material preparation racks, 2 CNC pipe benders, 1 6-axis robot and 2 blanking racks, which fully matches the customer's production task needs.

                                            Project category:

                                            Pipe bender automation workstation

                                            Applicable pipe fitting specifications:

                                            Diameter range: 16~35mm length range: 600mm~2000mm

                                            Device configuration:

                                            2 automatic material preparation racks +2 CNC pipe benders +1 robot +2 blanking racks

                                            Project capacity:

                                            Average daily output: 1600 pieces /8 hours (about) (capacity of different products fluctuates)

                                            Applicable Industries

                                            • Automobile Manufacturing

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                                            Automobile Manufacturing

                                            • Furniture Manufacturing

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                                            • Aerospace


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