130 Semi-auto Tube Bender
                                            130 Semi-auto Tube Bender
                                            Square pipe bend 1DR Pipe Bender steel pipe bend Small pipe bend NC Pipe Bender Hydraulic pipe b Heavy pipe bend
                                            Dw-130nc is a heavy-duty pipe bender developed for large-diameter pipe fittings. The main structural parts of the equipment are integrally formed by casting parts, and the structure is firm and reliable. High pressure hydraulic system is designed to bring stronger bending capacity through large diameter oil cylinder. This machine is equipped with different molds, which can bend round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, angle steels, special-shaped tubes and other profiles.

                                            Working Principle

                                            Dw-130nc semi-automatic pipe bender adopts pure hydraulic power to drive the equipment.
                                            The equipment drives the elbow arm to work through the hydraulic cylinder to stretch and pull the chain movement, so as to realize the bending of pipe fittings. The bending angle is fed back by rotary encoder to realize the digital control of bending action. With the hydraulic slow bending function, the bending angle can be controlled more accurately, especially suitable for the bending processing of products with single or multiple bending angles in the same horizontal plane.
                                            The disassembly actions of the machine include clamping, bending, core pulling and side auxiliary pushing.
                                            Action flow of semi-automatic bending:
                                            1. Clamping pipe fittings (hydraulic drive, triangular locking structure design clamping pipe fittings);
                                            2. Elbow (oil cylinder drive, high-strength plate chain drive, encoder control angle);
                                            3. Core pulling (hydraulic drive, used when bending thin-wall and small radius pipe fittings, can be closed);
                                            4. Side auxiliary pushing (controlled by oil cylinder, carried out at the same time with the bending action, and assisted the forming of pipe fittings).

                                            Equipment Characteristics

                                            Single chip computer control, easy to use
                                            Dw-130nc semi-automatic pipe bender is controlled by single chip microcomputer and operated by touch on Chinese screen, which is simple and easy to use. Preset manual and automatic modes, and only need to input simple parameters such as bend angle and other action time to realize automatic bending cycle
                                            Standard tie rod structure to improve the qualification rate of elbow
                                            This model is equipped with a pull rod seat as standard. When dealing with some difficult bends, the connection between the equipment and the mold is more stable, which can effectively improve the stability of the equipment during mass production and improve the product qualification rate.
                                            Clamping structure of triangle locking design
                                            The clamping structure adopts the triangular locking structure design, and the orifice plate mechanism is pushed by the hydraulic cylinder to achieve the three-point one-line locking function, which can effectively improve the reliability of the elbow.
                                            Quick change mold design, convenient for flexible production
                                            Semi-automatic pipe benders are often used in small batch and multi variety production conditions, requiring frequent replacement and adjustment of molds. This machine adopts a rapid die interface design, different dies can realize rapid disassembly and assembly, and micro adjustment can immediately bend the pipe.
                                            High strength plate type chain driven elbow
                                            In order to adapt to the stable bending of large-diameter and thick wall pipes, the bends of this type of equipment are designed with high-strength plate chain, and the extremely high bending torque is obtained through the sprocket with large radius.
                                            Strengthen the structural rigidity of the equipment, and the elbow is easier and more stable
                                            The main structural parts of this machine are integrally formed by casting parts, and the structure is firm and reliable. At the same time, each component has been strengthened to make it more rigid, and the bending of pipe fittings is easier and more stable.

                                            Video Presentation

                                            This video is a typical profile bending. The bending object is the national standard I-beam. Through the special mold design, the whole bending part is free of wrinkle, valgus, adduction and distortion. The die is designed as a wedge-shaped structure, which is convenient for loading and reclaiming.

                                            Equipment Parameters




                                            Single chip computer




                                            MaxBending size


                                            Input mode

                                            Touch screen human-computer interactive input

                                            MaxBending Speed


                                            Working Pressure

                                            Max  14Mpa

                                            MaxBending Radius


                                            Equipment Size


                                            MaxFeeding Speed


                                            MaxRevolve Speed


                                            Application Scheme

                                            Automobile Manufacturing

                                            Furniture Manufacturing


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