60 Automatic Heading Machine
                                            60 Automatic Heading Machine
                                            Pipe expander
                                            This type of automatic upsetting machine belongs to the category of pipe shrinking machine, but its main structure is an integrated ball cage design, which is integrally cast and molded, and has extremely high structural rigidity, especially suitable for precision pipe end molding and high-strength nozzle molding. This machine is designed for two working positions. It can be used for forming and processing such as expanding, shrinking, upsetting, flanging, etc. by changing the mold of the oil cylinder and installing different molds.

                                            Working Principle

                                            Ef60-2-automatic heading machine adopts full hydraulic power driving equipment. All actions are directly pushed by the hydraulic cylinder, including clamping, forming, positioning and die changing. The power source of the equipment is matched with the high-pressure piston pump imported from Japan. The maximum pressure of the hydraulic system can reach 23.5mpa, with stronger working output.
                                            This machine is used to hold the workpiece tightly by clamping die and cold extrude the workpiece by forming die. The feeding position of the workpiece is designed with front and rear positioning, and the switching of the two position forming die is automatically completed through the oil cylinder.
                                            The disassembly actions of the machine include clamping, forming, positioning and mold changing.
                                            Action purpose and principle of automatic heading machine:
                                            1. Clamping (the oil cylinder pushes the clamping die to clamp the workpiece);
                                            2. Forming (the oil cylinder pushes the forming die to cold extrude the product);
                                            3. Positioning (when placing pipe fittings, raise and clamp the pipe fittings and then lower to avoid the forming mold);
                                            4. Mold change (the hydraulic cylinder pushes the fixed plate of the forming mold to realize the switching of different forming molds).

                                            Equipment Characteristics

                                            Integrated ball cage type main structure, integrally cast into shape
                                            The main structure of ef60-2 automatic heading machine is an integrated ball cage design. It is cast integrally and has extremely high structural rigidity. It is suitable for high-strength and high-precision pipe end forming processing.
                                            With safety functions such as personnel anti pinch and equipment thermal overload
                                            This machine is designed with multiple safety protection devices. Many parts of the equipment are equipped with emergency stop switches, double button start function, and the equipment working area is equipped with a safety light curtain to prevent accidental injury to personnel. At the same time, the machine has thermal overload shutdown protection function to prevent equipment damage under abnormal working conditions.
                                            Designed with front and rear positioning structure for different products
                                            The equipment is designed with a front and rear double positioning structure to meet the production needs of different products. Among them, the front positioning is the lifting structure, which is controlled by the oil cylinder, and the rear positioning is the mechanical structure. At the same time, the positioning plays the role of supporting and limiting the sliding of the workpiece.
                                            Quick change mold design, convenient for flexible production
                                            The machine adopts a rapid die interface design, which can realize rapid disassembly and assembly of different dies, and immediate production can be achieved after minor adjustment.
                                            Touch screen human-computer interface, easy to learn
                                            The operating system of this machine adopts plc+ touch screen control, man-machine interactive input, simple interface, easy to learn and use. The equipment takes PLC as the program carrier, so that the equipment has more automatic expansibility. It can be combined with loading frame, vibrating plate, robot, external detection and other components to form an automatic processing unit.
                                            Double station design, can form products of different shapes
                                            The machine is designed with two working stations, which can complete the end forming processing of complex pipe fittings. The position between multiple stations is driven by oil cylinder, which has high precision and convenient adjustment.

                                            Video Presentation

                                            The product processed in this video is a truck hook made of 14mm solid round rod. The equipment automatically completes the tube end molding through the double station mold design. The first forming die is used to extrude the right oblate upsetting bar, and the second forming die is used to extrude the left conical head for shaping. The forming process is cold extrusion without additional high-frequency heating.

                                            Equipment Parameters








                                            Shaping Tube Diameter


                                            Input mode

                                            Touch screen human-computer interactive input

                                            Clamping Force


                                            Working Pressure

                                            Max 23.5Mpa

                                            Shaping Force


                                            Equipment Size


                                            Application Scheme

                                            Automobile Manufacturing

                                            Furniture Manufacturing