Servo Taper Machine
                                            Servo taper machine
                                            Servo Taper Machine
                                            Pipe expander Mirror taper mac Cone spinner Servo rotary exp Rotary expander
                                            This machine is mainly developed for the forming of sealing cone of aerospace power pipe joint. Because the minimum diameter of pipe fittings is 3mm, the wall of pipe fittings is thin, and the size of expanding is large. At the same time, the requirements for the roughness of expanding surface are very high. This machine is developed to meet the above conditions.
                                            Servo taper machine

                                            Working Principle

                                            The servo taper turning machine is designed as a full servo single station. All actions of the equipment are driven by servo motor. The taper turning speed, feed speed and clamping force can be digitally controlled to realize the precision mirror taper turning process.
                                            The disassembly actions of the machine include clamping, taper turning, positioning and feeding.
                                            Action purpose and principle of servo taper machine:
                                            1. Clamping (servo motor drives ball screw to control clamping die to clamp workpiece);
                                            2. Rotary cone (the servo motor drives the rotary cone head to rotate, and the rotation speed is stepless and adjustable);
                                            3. Positioning (lower the pipe fitting when placing it, and rise after clamping the pipe fitting to avoid the cone head);
                                            4. Feed (servo motor + ball screw drive, which controls the feed of the taper head).

                                              Equipment Characteristics

                                              Full servo digital control
                                              All actions of the servo taper turning machine are driven by the servo motor. The taper turning speed, feed speed and clamping force can be digitally controlled. It is suitable for the high-precision mirror taper turning processing of the nozzle.
                                              With safety functions such as personnel anti pinch and equipment thermal overload
                                              This machine is designed with multiple safety protection devices. Many parts of the equipment are equipped with emergency stop switches, double button start function, and the equipment working area is equipped with a safety light curtain to prevent accidental injury to personnel. At the same time, the machine has thermal overload shutdown protection function to prevent equipment damage under abnormal working conditions.
                                              Precise front positioning design
                                              The equipment is designed with a precise front positioning structure, which is positioned as a lifting structure, controlled by the air cylinder, and the positioning distance is accurately set by the digital servo motor.
                                              Quick change mold design, convenient for flexible production
                                              This machine adopts the rapid die interface design, different dies can be disassembled and assembled quickly, and different products can be produced quickly by micro adjusting the clamping force by the servo motor.
                                              Touch screen human-computer interface, easy to learn
                                              The operating system of this machine adopts plc+ touch screen control, man-machine interactive input, simple interface, easy to learn and use. The equipment takes PLC as the program carrier, so that the equipment has more automatic expansibility. It can be combined with loading frame, vibrating plate, robot, external detection and other components to form an automatic processing unit.
                                              The program memorizes all processing setting parameters
                                              The machine adopts full servo design, and all actions are digitally controlled and adjusted. The rotation speed, feed speed, positioning length and clamping force can be maintained in the program independently according to different pipe fittings. For products that have been produced, they can be used immediately by switching the program during secondary production.

                                              Video Presentation

                                              The video shows the mirror cone forming process of the servo taper machine. The diameter of the pipe fitting is 6mm precision stainless steel pipe. After the end of the pipe fitting is formed, the inner surface is bright and clean without scratches, and the outer surface has no obvious indentation and clamping line.

                                              Equipment Parameters


                                              Servo taper machine






                                              Shaping Tube Diameter

                                              38*2 mm

                                              Input mode

                                              Touch screen human-computer interactive input

                                              Clamping Force

                                              690 kgf

                                              Working Pressure

                                              Full servo

                                              Shaping Force

                                              420 kgf

                                              Equipment Size


                                              Application Scheme

                                              Automobile Manufacturing

                                              Furniture Manufacturing